The hijinks there are drawing uncomfortably close at the level of detail to the Sodom parable.

If it continues, Gavin Newsom will be head into the mountains, get hammered, and impregnate his closest two female relatives. (If this has already happened and I missed it, I apologize.) Then he's brag about it, because Newsom is one of the worst pieces of living, breathing trash in the history of American politics. He makes Kamala, along with various other past Golden State gubernatorial goobers, grifters, and other failures, look almost smart. Well, not really, but holy shit is he evil. Anyone who votes for him should have a dildo rammed into one temple and out the other, slicing messily through whatever feco-neuronal glop does their "thinking" for them.

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The decay of California is sad and undeniable and the people responsible are too proud to admit they were wrong and change direction. The insanity really got cranked up when they put in ballot harvesting scheme, they knew they would face consequences of their disastrous policies in elections.

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