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A commenter named Shannon, works in conjunction with the Saugus Union School District superintendent Colleen Hawkins and Doxes people who stand up to the partisan and identity politics practiced by this school district. Beware of Shannon!

The SUSD also leaks private information about students and parents to Shannon.

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Hello. This is Shannon Gerson, the person you have mentioned in this article several times. Making blatantly false claims about people, without any proof, is not “accountable”. I have had the owner of this Accountable Scv website, Nathan Imhoff, blocked since last year for very concerning behavior.

I do not operate ANY website, specifically not a “cyber harassment” website or account. I do not condone or support cyber harassment, on any level, towards any person, even those I may hold disagreement with. The claim that I am the “prime suspect” of such a website is absolutely false. It would seem this is a statement made out of projection… as this website, Accountable SCV, is clearly guilty of cyber bullying, harassment, retaliation, intentional misinformation and slander. The owner of this webpage has a known history of this behavior.

Secondly, I am not the main point of contact for my children’s superintendent. I do appreciate her in her role and believe she is placed in an impossible position by certain community members who perpetually target and harass her. If it is going to be suggested that I am “the main point of contact” for the district superintendent- then it would be appropriate and necessary for the writer of this “article” to link ANY supporting evidence to such a claim. This is another false statement that breeds conspiracy, further attempts to paint the picture that the district is secretive, all whilst intentionally slandering an SUSD parent’s reputation.

Lastly, I have never doxxed a child. The instance you referenced is where I repeated a High School student’s first name in the comment section on a news article. The news article was directly reporting a story on the same high school student who posted a racist video on their own social media account, under their own name. This first name was connected to a circulated SnapChat screen shot that was produced and publicly shared by another person. The TikTok video that this high school student posted (themselves) went viral on state-wide news level. Even though the high school student we are speaking of made extremely harmful and serious racist remarks and death threats towards students of color- I absolutely agree that ALL minors deserve privacy. I apologize for repeating that student’s first name in the comment section of that article. It was not my place to do so. But please be accurate that this information was already very much out there and circulating.

I am not a board member who represents children. I am also not an activist nor have I ever claimed to be a champion of children. I am simply an SUSD mother trying to do my best to support an inclusive and welcoming environment for all. In regards to Anna Griese releasing private information about an elementary school student during her public board report, I suggest the writer of this article read up on minor privacy as well additional protections in place for SPED students prior to suggesting a release of privacy must include a student name.

Taking things out of context to support a narrative is troubling and it is not the least bit “accountable”. But, instead of being angry (which I am sure is the reaction the writer was seeking), I will choose to feel sorry for the person behind this webpage. To be filled with so much hatred that they find it morally acceptable to spew lies and conspiracy about others who disagree with them is a very sad way to live a life. I hope you find much needed peace… because even you deserve peace.

If you hold genuine concern with the district- that is your right to do so. I can guarantee you that more people would listen if you dropped this type of behavior and prioritized leading with truth. This is not the way.

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